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What Leaders Can Learn From Rock & Roll’s Biggest Disasters Read More

In 2000 at a Pearl Jam show at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, a crowd trampling killed 9 people. The band continued to play for 20 minutes, unaware. Sometimes the greatest challenge in dealing with an unexpected event is figuring out that it is even happening. Organizations operate on the presumption that events will unfold as expected. And most days they do. But sometimes they don’t.

Lighting The Rock Concert Corporate Event Read More

Lighting at a rock show is one of those things that most people don’t consciously think about but can strongly impact their experience. Through lighting techniques, a stadium show can feel as intimate as a small club show. The audience can be made to feel inspired, disturbed, moved, or impressed, depending on the emotions that the artist is trying to communicate. It is one of the many sophisticated ways that the rock concert industry has developed to enhance the live concert experience and make it truly spectacular.