About the Rock Band Project

The goal is to offer insight for musicians, stories for fans, and lessons for creative teams in all sorts of organizations.

The Rock Band Project is about what we can learn from the world of rock & roll about teamwork. The music business is run by self-determining creative teams that depend on each other to achieve a common goal. Together, they bring us complex touring productions and create timeless music. Like many teams, they do their work in a changing and unpredictable industry.
Using her expertise in Organizational Behavior, Ruth Blatt analyzes the complex organizational and interpersonal dynamics behind the music.

About Ruth Blatt

Ruth Blatt writes about the social science behind rock n’ roll music for Forbes.com’s leadership channel. She has a Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from the University of Michigan and taught Entrepreneurship to MBAs at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She is writing a book about rock concerts. She has written about rock n’ roll for The Atlantic and Psychology Today. Please visit her blogs in Forbes, Psychology Today and Wired.